How was Hotel Aeropuerto born?

Around 1992 we perceived the needs of assistance to travelers that departed from our nearby airport. Many were returning from the beaches in beachwear, sleeveless and without shoes, carrying with them their luggage and with a plane to catch soon, bound for places in which the temperature did not reach the 5 degrees C mark.

That is why we decided to build this hotel - your home, Hotel Aeropuerto. Since then, a lot of events have taken place in this project and in our lives. We have given it our best efforts, we have lived through happy and not-so-happy moments, but from all of them we have rescued the most valuable lesson: that despite of whatever takes place; the most important thing is that you feel good, and that you feel completely at home.

In the same fashion, many passengers arrived to Costa Rica tired from flying and still had to travel many more hours to arrive at their final destination. Then Hotel Aeropuerto became a very important option for stopping over and for resting before continuing their journey to any of the beautiful tourist destinations that our country is blessed with.

Where can you find us?

We are located in Alajuela, the second province in importance of Costa Rica, Alajuela is known as the "City of mangoes", and it is also where Juan Santamaria International Airport, Costa Rica’s main tourist gateway is located.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.